Publications & News

Poulter GL, Rubin DL, Altman RB and Seoighe C: MScanner: a classifier for retrieving Medline citations. BMC Bioinformatics 2008 9:108.

Witten G, Poulter GL: Simulations of infectious diseases on networks. Computers in Biology and Medicine 2006, 37:195-205.

In the news

UCT Monday Paper: Computer Boffins off to Mexico (2006)  (deputy coach for the IOI team)
UCT Monday Paper: High achievers collect quiver of credits (2005) (academic achievements)
UCT Monday Paper: Computer boffs train younsters (2003) (competing in the IOI)
IOL: KZN matric results jump 5 percent over 2000 (nine subject distinctions in school)