B.Sc. 3rd Year

Results for final-year courses in 2004. Funding: Leah Mary Speiers scholarship and the UCT Entrance scholarship. Awards: Dean's Merit List, class medals in Applied Mathematics, Physics I, Physics II.

PhysicsAdvanced Physics I
    Maxwell's equations
    Conservation laws
    EM waves
    Fresnel relations
    Absorption and dispersion
    Wave guides
    Gauge transformations
    Dipole radiation
    Relativistic electrodynamics.
    Power radiation by a point charge
Thermal Physics
    Ensembles and entropy
    Boltzmann distribution
    Helmholtz free energy, chemical potential and Gibbs distribution
    Fermi-Dirac and Bose-Einstein statistics (quantum and classical systems)
Computational Physics
    Numerical Methods
    Motion in classical mechanics
    Problems in quantum mechanics
    Monte carlo techniques
PhysicsAdvanced Physics II
 94%Atomic Physics
    The hydrogen atom
    Transitions and selection rules
    Fine structure
    The helium atom
    Atomic structure and spectra
    Selection rules
    Molecular structure and spectra.
Nuclear and Particle Physics
    Properties of nuclei
    Nuclear binding energy and semi-empricial mass formula
    Bound state of the deuteron
    Nuclear shell model
    Nuclear forces and reactions
    Decay modes (alpha,beta,gamma)
    Interactions of elementary particles
    Nucleosynthesis in stars
    Cosmic radiation
    Quarks and leptons
    Symmetries and gauge forces.
Solid State Physics
    Crystal structure
    Lattice vibrations
    Electron states in solids
    Energy band theory
    Semiconductor physics and devices.
Appl. Maths
3MP Mathematical Physics
 96% (avg)
Fourier transform solution to linear PDE's on a line
Long-term asymptotic solutions
Methods of Laplace, stationary phase and steepest descents
Nonlinear waves
The method of characteristics
Dissipation, dispersion and nonlinearity
Cole-Hopf transformation of Burgers equation
Travelling fronts of the KPP equation
Korteweg-De Vries and Nonlinear Schrodinger solitons
Elliptic integrals and elliptic functions
Dark and bright solitons
Sine-Gordon equation, kinks and breathers
Multisoliton solutions
Hirota method and Baecklund transformations
Reaction-diffusion equations.
Appl. Maths3ND Non-linear dynamics ~Fixed points, bifurcations and phase portraits
Conservative and reversible systems
Index theory and Poincare-Bendixson theorem
Lienard systems
Relaxation oscillators
Applications in chemical reactions and Josephson junctions
Chaos on a strange attractor
Lorentz, logistic, Henon maps
Quasi-periodicity and Poincare maps
Lyapunov exponents
Appl. Maths3AN Advanced Numerical Methods ~ODE boundary value problems (Shooting, Newton-Kantorovich methods)
Spline interpolations
Differential eigenvalue problems
Numerical solution of PDE's by finite differences
Split step, spectral and pseudo-spectral methods
Finite elements
Appl. Maths3GR General Relativity
 ~Christoffel relations
Geodesics and curvature
The Riemann tensor
Energy-momentum tensor in electrodynamics and fluid dynamics
Principles of equivalence
Einstein's field equations
Black holes and derivation of the Schwarzchild solution
Com. Sci.
Operating Systems and Networks
 88%Operating Systems
    Process management
        IPC and synchronisation
    Storage management
        Virtual memory
        File systems
    Protection and security
    Media (electronic, optical and radio)
    General protocols at layers 2-4 of the ISO Reference Model
    Design and function of specific mobile networks and their protocols
    Practical assignment: TFTP server and client
Com. Sci.Information Management and Theory of Algorithms 87% Information Management
    Markup languages
    Information retrieval
    Practical assignment: Search engine, XML schema
Theory of Algorithms
    Problems and solutions in each algorithmic category
    Algorithmic complexity and computability
Com. Sci.Compilers, Distributed Computing and Web-Based computing 92%Compilers
    Lexical analysis
    Semantic actions
    Intermediate representations
    Instruction selection
    Register allocation
    Object-oriented languages
    Practical assignment: Minijava compiler
Distributed Computing
    Mobile and wireless systems
    Client-server architecture.
Web based Computing
    The network layer
    XML-based messaging (SOAP)
    Service description (WSDL)
    Service discovery (UDDI)
    Service flow (WSFL)
    XML, JavaScript and XHTML.